David Solomons

singer, one-man choir, guitarist and composer

Telemensch (The isolated one) - for clarinet solo

Georg Philipp Telemann
David W Solomons
David W Solomons
Classical / Instrumental
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For a single performer
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This work is based on 4 melodies by Telemann but with many additional augmented-second twists, in Jewish music style, and various decorations.
The original melodies are:
Herr wie lange (Lord, how long)
This is a canon for two voices based on the psalm text and forms the beginning and end of the work

"Herr, wie lange willst du mein so gar vergessen,
wie lange verbirgest du dein Antlitz vor mir!"
Lord, how long you forget me
how long will you hide your face from me"

The other pieces are based on Telemann's settings for voice and keyboard of poems by his contemporary Daniel Stoppe

Glück - (Happiness)
"Das glücke kömmt selten per posta, zu pferde
es geht zu fusse, schritt vor schritt;
sein eigensinn ist nicht zu zwingen;"
Happiness seldom comes by post or on horseback
It goes on foot step by step
It does not demand compulsion

Jeder sein eigener Richter (Each his own judge)

Ich will vor meiner thüre kehren;
ich habe gnug für mich zu thun;
ich kenne mich, ich bin kein engel;
ein jeder mensch hat seine mängel,
wer diese tilgen will,
darf lebenslang nicht ruhn.

I will turn from my doors
I have enough for myself to do
I know myself, I am no angel
Every person has his faults
Anyone who wishes to wipe them out
Can never be at at peace all his life

Wind (Wind)
Wind macht aus thoren kluge leute;
durch wind verdient der narr sein brodt:
The wind makes fools into clever folk
The fool earns his bread by the wind

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22 Apr 2020


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