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20 Jan 2012
Japanese Song
Solo for classical guitar

Many years ago, while I was still at University, I wrote this piece for a friend who is now a very high ranking Japanese diplomat - and who still remembers it!

I hope you enjoy it and that some of you would like to perform it yourselves.

The score is The score is here



26 Jan 2012
Thanks John :-)
As to the scrolling I copied each line from my pdfs, made the white background transparent and told my video software (MoviePlus X5) to pan each image in turn from right to left. It can get complicated since not every line is exactly the same length in time, but a little tinkering and all was well. Glad you like it :-)
Kind regards
John Kilburn
25 Jan 2012

I like this Aoelian mode piece very much. You write well for solo Guitar. Looks very playable yet enjoyable. How did you add the scrolling score to the video?

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