David Solomons

singer, one-man choir, guitarist and composer

Variations on J'attends secours for viola and piano

Claudin de Sermisy
David W Solomons
David W Solomons
Classical / Instrumental
Piano, Viola
Scored for
Solo, Accompanying piano
Type of score
Score for two performers, Parts

Variations on a song by Claudin de Sermisy based on a poem by Clément Marot
The pdf file contains score and parts
The sound sample is an electronic preview.

Marot's poem:
J'attends secours de ma seule pensée :
J'attends le jour, que l'on m'éconduira,
Ou que du tout la belle me dira :
"Ami, t'amour sera récompensée."
Mon alliance est fort bien commencée,
Mais je ne sais comment il en ira :
Car, s'elle veut, ma vie périra,
Quoiqu'en amour s'attend d'être avancé
Si j'ai refus, vienne Mort insensée :
A son plaisir de mon coeur jouira.
Si j'ai merci, adonc s'éjouira
Celui qui point n'a sa Dame offensée.
Clément MAROT (1497-1544)
(L'Adolescence clémentine)

English Translation
I wait for rescue from my thoughts alone
I wait for the day when I will be rejected
Or else the lovely lady will tell me
"Friend, your love will be rewarded".
My relationship has started well
But I cannot tell the outcome
Because, if she wishes, I can die
Despite my hope to win her love
If I am refused, let death come
She will play with my heart at her pleasure
If I am shown mercy, he who has not
offended his lady will find joy.

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14 Jan 2018


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