David Solomons

singer, one-man choir, guitarist and composer

Marie for shame you keep your bed too long for alto flute and viola

David W Solomons
David W Solomons
Classical / Instrumental
Viola, Alto Flute
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Full score, Parts
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Based on a poem by Ronsard as translated into English by my father Stanley N Solomons.
It is a "gather ye rosebuds" type of poem in which he berates his girlfriend for staying in bed too long instead of getting up and enjoying life while she is still young.
The pdf file contains score and parts.
The audio sample is an electronic preview.

The original poem and translation are here:

MARIE, LEVEZ-VOUS ... [English translation below]
Pierre de Ronsard
Marie, levez-vous, vous estes paresseuse,
Jâ la gaye alouette au ciel a fredonné,
Et jâ le rossignol doucement jargonné,
Dessus l'espine assis, sa complainte amoureuse.

Sus debout, allons voir l'herbelette perleuse,
Et vostre beau rosier de boutons couronné,
Et vos oeillets mignons auxquels aviez donné
Hier au soir de l'eau d'une main si soigneuse.

Harsoir en vous couchant vous jurastes vos yeux,
D'estre plustost que moy ce matin esveille;
Mais le dormir de l'aube, aux filles gracieux,

Vous tient d'un sommeil encor les yeux sillés,
ça ça que je les baise et vostre beau tétin
Cent fois pour vous apprendre a vous lever matin.

English version by S N Solomons

Marie, for shame, you keep your bed too long.
The gay lark to the sky has told its tale,
And the sweet prattle of the nightingale
Perched on the thorn pours forth a love-lorn song.

Arise! Let us go view the dewy land,
With handsome roses in their nascent flower,
And darling pinks, watered with loving care
And gentleness, at dusk, by your own hand.

But yesternight a solemn vow you made
To stir sooner than me, to wake and rise;
But Dawn's soft beauty sleep, a boon to maids

Entraps you still, prisons your lazy eyes.
There, let me kiss them both a hundred times,
To teach you what it is to rise betimes.

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20 Jan 2017


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