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singer, one-man choir, guitarist and composer

01 May 2012, News
I reached the semi-finals - please vote in the finals
Hi All In the semi-final of the "Kozmic Dreamers Popular Song Event" My "Japanese Song" for guitar solo was voted top of category 11 by fellow artists Here's the link for the competition page, listing links to all the pieces Competition Finals and here's the link for my piece: Japanese Song If you would like to vote for it in the final round this week, please send an email to that effect to: ThePeoplehaveSpoken@kozmickonstructions.com Many thanks ...
29 Feb 2012, News
New live performance from my "Little ABC of the Renaissance" for flute and guitar
Robert Billington (flute) and Rene Gonzalez (guitar) have just performed three movements of my Renaissance variations ("A little ABC of the Renaissance" - ABC referring to Attaignant, Bataille and Claudin de Sermisy). A little ABC - Video A little ABC - score at Musica Neo Here's the video:
02 Jan 2012, News
An octatonic string quartet and a simple song
A few of my recent uploads are also nicely illustrated in videos (with live performances) on youtube, so do check out these two: Zephaniah (Sing o daughter of Zion for also and guitar) and my string quartet
30 Jul 2011, News
Ragtime about a curious dog
Bricklick Benji Rag (for guitar and piano) was written to accompany the following video about a dog who loves to lick stones and bricks. The score and parts are available here on load.cd
14 Jul 2011, News
Octoboogy - with live octopus
My octatonic boogie woogie Octoboogy has been dusted down and re-instrumented, so the solo parts are now played by flute and jazz guitar. That sounds much better than the old trumpet version and will, I hope, be performed live some time...Score and parts available on Load.CD. By way of a bonus, it now has a real octopus accompanying it, at least in this video:
02 Jun 2011, News
Iris Clarinet Quartet
This brilliant Japanese clarinet quartet has performed some of my music already and I am greatly looking forward to more performances by them. You can hear them play my "Tants Fraylachs" and "Five times table" on http://www.dwsolo.com/serif/japanesequartet.html As you can hear, their ability to interpret the Klezmer feel of Tants Fraylachs is brilliant and the jolly glissandi of Five times table are beautiful and humorous. Their own blog-site (in Japanese) is at http://iris-clarinet.com/
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