David Solomons

singer, one-man choir, guitarist and composer

20 Jun 2011
Virgo and Taurus
Duo for cello and guitar

Virgo and Taurus
an emotional extravaganza for cello and guitar
composed by D W Solomons in 1975
performed by the late Chris Benson and David W Solomons also in 1975
(sight-reading from the original pencil manuscript!)
The score and parts can be obtained from dwsolo.musicaneo.com

The story behind this piece is lost in the mists of time, even my cellist in this performance didn't know the full story!
It concerned another cellist and a weekend of emotional turmoil. The music was written for this other cellist
but there was never time to play it.... We were Virgo and Taurus, we had no idea what the other wanted
and we never will understand each other even if we meet again. The music brings us together in spirit -
in fact it also brings Chris and me back in spirit - but both only in my mind.

The chord shape at the beginning is one I used quite frequently in the 1970s, in a sense it is my own "Tristan" chord, but very guitaristic.



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