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02 Apr 2014
2 milestones and 1 tenor
As I reach the milestone of 1000 scores on musicaneo I also complete a project with a great tenor.

As I reach the milestone of 1000 scores on musicaneo I have also completed a project with the great tenor Matthew Curtis, who used to sing with Chanticleer - the USA's answer to the King's Singers - and who now sings as a multitrack one-man-choir for his new company Choraltracks


He has sung 22 of my choral works and part songs ranging from the religious (Evening Canticles [Mag and Nunc], Psalm 70, Modal mass, Litany to the Holy Spirit) to the folksy (Ballad of Green Broom, Green Grow the Rushes-oh, Zwischen Berg und tiefem tiefem Tal), to the humorous (Wine and Water, the Earwig song, Hiawatha and his mittens,) to the mysterious (Heaven's Dance), to the romantic (choral arrangement of Debussy's Les Cloches) and finally to one of my earliest songs, which was written in evangelical mood (The Message of Christmas).

This page: Matthew Curtis (http://www.dwsolo.com/serif/matthewcurtis.html) contains links to all the scores on musicaneo (also repeated on cadenzaone) and to the videos that I made of his performances for youtube.

As a taster, here is one of my favourites: Heaven's Dance



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