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singer, one-man choir, guitarist and composer

03 Feb 2012, Article
Si la noche - Renaissance song arranged for alto and guitar
This song of longing was originally written for vihuela and voice by Diego Pisador. It is one of my first arrangements for alto voice and guitar, and you can hear me sing it here: The score is available here: Si La Noche
01 Feb 2012, Article
Variations on Adon Olam - a lovely performance
Score available here  Variations on Adon Olam I've written several pieces for this excellent group, who plan to perform them all over the next year. Watch this space...
31 Jan 2012, Article
Prayer before the Close of Day for tuba and euphonium quartet
Beautiful performance by Tubalaté of my piece "Prayer before the Close of Day" Score and parts at http://dwsolo.musicaneo.com/sheetmusic/sm-85698_prayer_before_the_close_of_day__tub... This performance by Tubalaté of Prayer before the close of day is available on the CD "Move" see Les Neish's website for more details:  http://www.tuba-artist.com/shop/tubalate-c-167_174.html I composed the music especially at Tubalaté's request,  since they needed ...
28 Jan 2012, Article
Details for wind quintet
I wrote "Details" initially as a duo for violin and guitar back in 1976, but this wind quintet recreation of the piece is great fun and would make a splendid addition to your repertoire. This video here is based on an electronic preview (because the only live recording, by the Thalia Quintet back in the 1990s, went missing). The Score and Parts are available at MusicaNeo on Serenade and Details for wind quintet
23 Jan 2012, Article
Dodo Titite - free downloads of music for flute and guitar, for disaster relief
The score can be obtained here  Music for Haitian disaster relief The original performances can be heard in sequence in this video:
20 Jan 2012, Article
Japanese Song
Many years ago, while I was still at University, I wrote this piece for a friend who is now a very high ranking Japanese diplomat - and who still remembers it! I hope you enjoy it and that some of you would like to perform it yourselves. The score is  The score is here
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17 Jan 2012, Article
Wine and water
Among the many pieces I have recently uploaded to MusicaNeo is this rather sweet setting of a satirical poem by G K Chesterton, in which the main subject is Noah's predilection for wine (I don't care where the water goes, if it doesn't get into the wine...). I also made a video for this song - Video of Wine and Water It is one of the first songs I ever composed. The original version is available here at Wine and Water on MusicaNeo It is for voice with optional ...
01 Oct 2011, Article
Fine Knacks for Ladies
05 Jul 2011, Article
The pipes are calling
This piece was originally written for bagpipes, but it works well for an ensemble of sax, flutes, basses and percussion (the basses can be contrabasses or bass guitars) This version was created with Sonar X1, but for live performances, the score is available on musicaneo.com
20 Jun 2011, Article
Virgo and Taurus
Virgo and Taurus an emotional extravaganza for cello and guitar composed by D W Solomons in 1975 performed by the late Chris Benson and David W Solomons also in 1975 (sight-reading from the original pencil manuscript!) The score and parts can be obtained from dwsolo.musicaneo.com The story behind this piece is lost in the mists of time, even my cellist in this performance didn't know the full story! It concerned another cellist and a weekend of emotional turmoil. The music was ...
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