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singer, one-man choir, guitarist and composer

18 Apr 2012, Article
Antonelli Rag for guitar solo - live performance
This ragtime was composed and performed in Ghemme Italy (on Piazza Antonelli) back in 1977. The score can be obtained here:  Antonelli Rag - score My performance can be heard in the video here. It is not a perfect rendition, but I hope some other more experienced guitarists will give it a go some time.
05 Apr 2012, Article
Jellicle Catgut for string quartet
Here's a short but sweet string quartet movement based on the rhythms of T S Eliot's Jellicle Cats (with my cats in attendance). The score and parts can be obtained at   Jellicle Catgut at Musica Neo The video can be seen on youtube here:  Video of Jellicle Catgut and is also embedded here:
26 Mar 2012, Article
Nokh amol mit Neshome - Once more with soul - flute solo
Robert Billington requested a composition in soulful Jewish style for flute solo. I wrote it (Nokh amol mit Neshome - Once more with soul) and here is performing it this March 2012: score and mp3
21 Mar 2012, Article
Roses of Picardy arranged for guitar solo
This arrangement of the famous song Roses of Picardy has been officially approved by the Haydn Wood Society and by Faber Music Ltd.  My performance here is a little amateurish, but I'm hoping a better guitarist will come along and play it one day. Score
17 Mar 2012, Article
Bifocal Rag for guitar duet
Great multitrack performance by Bruce Paine of my Bifocal rag The score can be obtained here:  score on MusicaNeo The new improved video can be seen here:  video on youtube or watched here in situ
05 Mar 2012, Article
Heaven's Dance for choir and piano
Recently published my setting of Audrey Vaughan's poem in which she imagines angels dancing through the Universe. The score (versions for men's voices and for girls'/women's voices) is available  here The video can be seen  here (or just play it embedded here: )
23 Feb 2012, Article
To Marie - for flute and guitar
This peaceful and sad duo would be very suitable as a contrast piece within a flute and guitar concert. The score can be obtained on Muscia Neo  here
19 Feb 2012, Article
Yiddish folk songs for mezzo soprano, flute, cello and guitar
My arrangements of four Yiddish folksongs are now being performed by the group in Santiago, Chile, for whom they were written: Carla Moraga and the Cámara Klezmer Trío. I have included the lively "Oyfn Yam" (= on the sea) as the sound sample for the score of all four songs here on MusicaNeo :  Score and sound sample Three, and eventually all four, performances can also be heard on the myspace page of Cámara Klezmer Trío  here
13 Feb 2012, Article
Dreaming - an atmospheric orchestration with narrated poem and guitar solo
The score and parts can be obtained here  Dreaming Here is a video based on my performance of the piece, with scenery from a friend's house and garden:
06 Feb 2012, Article
Two songs by Thomas Moore arranged for voice and guitar
Here are a couple of arrangements of Irish songs that may appeal to singers and classical guitarists Believe me if all those endearing young charms  Score and mp3 The Meeting of the Waters    Score and mp3 Enjoy :-)
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