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06 Jun 2016, Article
Dawn in the Room
Dawn in the Room (poem by my mother) has been one of the compositions which I rate amongst my very best.  The most effective performance (which brought me to tears) is this one by Betti Nagy in the Budapest recording. This and other recordings, and links to scores, can be found in the  Dawn in the Room page
08 Dec 2015, Article
Budapest Recording
András Csáki recently performed my suite for guitar and orchestra in Budapest with the Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Péter Illényi. It was a brilliant performance. You can hear the audio recording on: itunes  ,  Amazon (USA) ,   Amazon (International)  ,  CDBaby   and  Bandcamp and you can see the video of the performance on  Vimeo The Score is available on  musicaneo
04 Sep 2014, Article
Approaching reality
Probably the finest producer of virtual interpretations of instrumental works - Ravel Virtual Studios - has created some brilliant performances of ten of my works published here on musicaneo : Spanish Extravaganza, Love and Death (Variation on the Tristan Chord), Blue Boar Blue for string quintet and others. The CD of their performance is now available at: CDBaby itunes and Amazon I have also made some interesting videos of some of the performances on youtube: youtube playlist ...
26 Aug 2014, Article
4 organ works
On 17th August 2014 David Carlston Williams performed 4 of my pieces for organ (Passacaglia, Dorina, Playtime and Camden Town) at St Paul's church in Sale Cheshire (UK) Here is a youtube playlist of the four performances: Playlist of organ pieces
02 Apr 2014, Article
2 milestones and 1 tenor
As I reach the milestone of 1000 scores on musicaneo I have also completed a project with the great tenor Matthew Curtis, who used to sing with Chanticleer - the USA's answer to the King's Singers - and who now sings as a multitrack one-man-choir for his new company  Choraltracks   He has sung 22 of my choral works and part songs ranging from the religious (Evening Canticles [Mag and Nunc], Psalm 70, Modal mass, Litany to the Holy Spirit) to the folksy (Ballad of Green Broom, Green Grow the ...
21 Jul 2012, Article
Cantering - oboe, vibraphone, harp and bass with my neighbour riding horses
Cantering (for oboe, harp, vibraphone and plucked bass) was written to accompany footage I saw recently of my neighbour Daša riding horses, it is a gentle canter and yet relaxing. Video of Cantering Score and parts of Cantering
22 May 2012, Article
Jewish Melodies for flute and guitar
In anticipation of publication of the guitar trio versions, created this year, here is an improved video of the original set, performed back in 1991 by Tamayuki (flute) and me (David W Solomons) The video can be seen  here The scores of the flute and guitar versions (which also include extra versions with additional ornamentation) can be obtained here The mp3s of these live performances can also be obtained here The scores of the clarinet and ...
27 Apr 2012, Article
Purinjiti - from the dreamtime perhaps
I created this piece several years ago, but I decided that the time had come to notate the score properly, in case a group with this combination of instruments would like to perform it one day. Well, you never know! The score and parts can be found  here I made a video for it today, which to might like to view  here or embedded here on this very page:
25 Apr 2012, Article
Nine British folk songs for SAB choir and piano
Here, as requested, are some easy arrangements for SAB choir and piano of nine British folk songs, including videos to assist choir members to learn the arrangements. The scores can be found  here The complete list of videos can be enjoyed  here (youtube playlist) Here is one of them:
23 Apr 2012, Article
Hora ha Kulmus (Dance of the quill) for reed trio
Score and parts avaialble  here הורה הקולמוס (this recording is an electronic preview, but a live performance is anticipated soon) The reed (Arundo Donax) is a humble but versatile plant. The writing implement - the reed quill was used in ancient days, before the feather quill, for writing, and is still used in instances where softness, flexibility and humility are required. (Chazal (the sages of the time 200 BCE to 600 CE) say that, to write a Sefer ...
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