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02 Apr 2014, Article
2 milestones and 1 tenor
As I reach the milestone of 1000 scores on musicaneo I have also completed a project with the great tenor Matthew Curtis, who used to sing with Chanticleer - the USA's answer to the King's Singers - and who now sings as a multitrack one-man-choir for his new company  Choraltracks   He has sung 22 of my choral works and part songs ranging from the religious (Evening Canticles [Mag and Nunc], Psalm 70, Modal mass, Litany to the Holy Spirit) to the folksy (Ballad of Green Broom, Green Grow the ...
11 Oct 2013, News
Concerts in Bucharest and Chicago
Videos of performances of some more of my works have been uploaded recently: In Bucharest on 15 September 2013, virtuoso violinist Daniel Mihai performed a couple of pieces in the George Enescu Festival - Variations on Oyn Yam Prayer to an unknown entity and, a recently rediscovered recording of a concert in Chicago featuring Mark Crayton (countertenor) and James Janssen (piano) included three of my songs - see video playlist: playlist ...
11 Jun 2013, News
Japanese Song - the ongoing story
Japanese Song, originally written for guitar solo, is being recreated for various combinations, including flute solo, flute trio and clarinet quartet. Progress so far includes: The original - performed by me A flute solo arranged and performed by Nancy Tyler A flute trio also arranged and performed by Nancy Tyler Scores for all of these can be found on musicaneo Guitar solo  Guitar solo Flute solo  Flute ...
06 Dec 2012, News
Alleyways - a Christmas song for choir
Alleyways - a Christmas song for choir Here's a new video based on my composition Alleyways http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2qIK_HkFQM In this version I am singing some of the parts and leaving others to instruments. A score of the original SATBB a cappella version (with a live choral performance) can be found on the musicaneo score page: http://www.musicaneo.com/sheetmusic/sm-85300_alleyways__a_christmas_song_for_mixed_choir.html#85300 An Mp3 is available from ...
21 Jul 2012, Article
Cantering - oboe, vibraphone, harp and bass with my neighbour riding horses
Cantering (for oboe, harp, vibraphone and plucked bass) was written to accompany footage I saw recently of my neighbour Daša riding horses, it is a gentle canter and yet relaxing. Video of Cantering Score and parts of Cantering
22 May 2012, Article
Jewish Melodies for flute and guitar
In anticipation of publication of the guitar trio versions, created this year, here is an improved video of the original set, performed back in 1991 by Tamayuki (flute) and me (David W Solomons) The video can be seen  here The scores of the flute and guitar versions (which also include extra versions with additional ornamentation) can be obtained here The mp3s of these live performances can also be obtained here The scores of the clarinet and ...
11 May 2012, News
Clarinet trios for beginners
Following a request by a clarinet teacher (who had performed some of my works earlier live and on CD), I created 15 short and simple trios for clarinets based on folk songs from Great Britain and Ireland The complete catalogue section (including the whole collection for a discounted price and individual separate items if preferred) is  here Here is a video of the first of the fifteen pieces (electronic preview)
10 May 2012, News
The Choir in the rain
I recently heard that a choir in Colorado performed my "Choir in the rain" - a setting of five connected limericks which I wrote when I was feeling particularly silly :-) Score available (free download)  Choir in the rain I thought you might like to hear their performance (I've added the words on screen for ease of understanding). Enjoy:
01 May 2012, News
I reached the semi-finals - please vote in the finals
Hi All In the semi-final of the "Kozmic Dreamers Popular Song Event" My "Japanese Song" for guitar solo was voted top of category 11 by fellow artists Here's the link for the competition page, listing links to all the pieces Competition Finals and here's the link for my piece: Japanese Song If you would like to vote for it in the final round this week, please send an email to that effect to: ThePeoplehaveSpoken@kozmickonstructions.com Many thanks ...
27 Apr 2012, Article
Purinjiti - from the dreamtime perhaps
I created this piece several years ago, but I decided that the time had come to notate the score properly, in case a group with this combination of instruments would like to perform it one day. Well, you never know! The score and parts can be found  here I made a video for it today, which to might like to view  here or embedded here on this very page:
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